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OSU Airport 150 Sound Study Public Meeting at 7PM Date October 27, 2009
Location: Hangar 1, OSU Airport 

OSU Airport Improvement Program

The Ohio State University Airport is in the process of improving the Airport, by proposing a precision instrument approach to the west into the prevailing winds on the north runway; increasing the length of the North runway to 6000 feet, and building hangars.  The existing South runway is 5000 ft long.

University Airport officials are beginning an FAA part 150 Noise evaluation to be followed by an Environmental  Assessment.  www.osuairportpart150.com

The airport administration asked Airport Users what were the most needed improvements at the airport:

The 3 main Responses were:
1. A Precision Landing System for landing to the West
2. A 20% longer Runway Length
3. More Aircraft Hangars

These responses were incorporated into the 1990 OSU Don Scott Master Plan and received wide support and the approval of the Board of Trustees of the Ohio State University.

Please Email your comments to OSU Airport Planning

Join us in helping OSU improve it's airport. The OSU Airport is a vital link in the General Aviation air transportation system in the U.S. and is a valuable community asset, contributing over $100 million annually to the local economy. General Aviation (GA) carries more inter-city passengers than the largest airline to over 18,000 airports, of which over 5,000 are public use. 70% of all airline flights go to just 30 airports, with limited service to about 400.  Over 10,000 businesses use General Aviation aircraft.  www.GAservingAmerica.org

The following are available for downloading in PDF Format.

OSU North Runway Extension Info   Precision Landing Aid for West landings will keep planes higher, quieter
. (Click here for more info)

35 Fortune 1000 and 47 Local Companies using OSU's Don Scott Airport  35 Fortune listed 1000 and 47 local companies that use OSU Airport
. (Click here for more info)

1900 Companies using the Airport  A listing of over 1900 companies/organizations that use OSU Airport
. (Click here for more info)

OSU Airport contributes over $100 million in Economic Impact in Central Ohio  View report of economic impact of airports in Central Ohio
. (Click here for more info (2.7 MB))

5 Neighborhood Civic Associations Supporting The Airport Improvement process Adjacent Neighborhood Associations Support the Plan
. (Click here for more info)

News Releases and Letters


Please send letters expressing your opinion on the Proposed Airport Improvements:

Doug Hammon, Airport Director; 2160 West Case Road; Columbus, OH 43235

email to: Cathy Ferrari cferrari@osuairport.org  

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